O2: Redefining customer experience

How do you get people excited about where your company's going?

In early 2016, O2 launched two sleek new flagship stores in London and Manchester, each bursting with innovative features. The O2 project team were understandably excited about creating a superb new customer experience. Their question was how to share their sense of pride and vision with O2 employees across the country.

EVCOM O2 winner

Here at Belong, we’re big believers in giving people what they like. We know that outside work, people don’t choose to watch Powerpoint presentations for fun. So why not make corporate communications more like broadcast TV? Here was the perfect opportunity – we had a team of passionate people up against a nail-biting deadline to get the stores open on time. In other words, all the ingredients for a fly-on-the-wall documentary. So, that’s exactly what we made...

We followed project leader Bridget Lea and her team over three months as they edged closer to their deadline. As one viewer put it: ‘This is absolutely brilliant, totally authentic and real. Netflix and Amazon will be fighting for episode 4 exclusivity!’

The show pulled in a record-breaking audience across O2’s internal channels, and we won two EVCOM Screen Awards in the process. It just goes to show, being honest is far more powerful than being polished.


Watch the series teaser here: