Just: Launching a new brand

How do you make a new brand a springboard for innovation?

In 2016, Just Retirement and Partnership Assurance merged to become Just; a bold new brand on the retirement block. 

Belong worked with Just and their brand strategy agency (the very cool KBS Albion) over several months to plan, create and deliver a launch campaign for Just employees. 

Our ultimate goal was to inspire employees to define what ‘Being Just’ meant for them as individuals and teams. To drive this innovative thinking, we told stories about real people who are grappling with the thorny subject of retirement. By sharing their hopes and dreams, we inspired employees to rise to the challenge of building a business that becomes famous for being Just in everything it says and does.

The campaign encompassed a wide range of tactics, materials and activities – check out the case study video to get a taste of the campaign.

Jenny Burns1