BBC: Attracting talent

How do you inspire people to want to work for your organisation?

Belong's EVCOM Award-winning campaign for BBC Worldwide demonstrates two principles we think are essential to successful recruitment campaigns.

The first is ‘make it easy to spread the word’. Your colleagues should be able to share why your organisation is a great place to work. The trick is to create short, entertaining pieces of content that employees actively want to share on platforms such as LinkedIn.

With BBC Worldwide, we made a pithy 90 second overview of the company, narrated with customary sparkle by Mel and Sue. This film was easy to grasp, easy to share, and set the tone for the company’s creative, passionate and commercially savvy culture. Check it out here:


The second principle is ‘give potential recruits a peek behind the curtain’, so they can find out what it’s really like to work for you. Find the natural-born- storytellers in your organisation and get them to talk about pivotal moments in their careers.

In the case of BBC Worldwide, we identified three people whose passion for the company's world-renowned brands and formats was infectious. By carefully crafting their stories we created three short films which give a tantalising glimpse into life at BBC Worldwide.




So, the next time you face a recruitment challenge, ask yourself; who are the real heroes in your business? Their stories might just help you inspire people to want to come and work with you.