Glyn Williams

Founder and Content Director

“What I like most about my job is the challenge of creating something that gets noticed.  Perhaps it’s because of my early beginnings as an actor (sssh, tell NOBODY), that I firmly believe that if nobody’s looking, what’s the point?

Getting people’s attention appeals to the extrovert in me.  Getting people to then care or change, or to settle and commit appeals to the part of me that’s fascinated with human behaviour and why we  do the things we do.

Having working alongside Olly in the field of corporate communications for 5 years at BDA, we decided it was time to push ourselves and our work further. Belong was the outcome.  It’s a joy to come to work with our fantastic team every single day.  What I bring is the love of a robust communications plan, a passion for clear, creative storytelling and a fairly large dollop of humour.”

+44 (0)7525 966199