Travelling tips from TfL

Charlotte | 2 June 2015

As part of our ongoing campaign for TfL we learn a lot of useful things about travelling in London. It's high time we shared our latest nuggets of travelling tip gold.

Firstly; pink card readers. ‘What are they?’ I hear you ask! Probably my favourite topic whenever the subject of London transport comes up, which being a Londoner is quite a lot... Watch this to find out more: 

Secondly, online accounts. I am frequently reminding everyone to get their Oyster or Contactless card registered online. It's very useful – not least if you lose your card you can transfer your pay as you go credit or travelcard at the click of a button. More tips here: 

You are very welcome.

(Monthly travelcard on Oyster lost twice *don't ask how* BUT successfully retrieved thanks to an online account)