Special guest post from Keriel!

admin | 5 September 2014

After thirteen weeks as an intern at Belong Communications, unfortunately, my time has come to say farewell.

I’ll be leaving behind the funky office space, the cool Apple Mac and the office keys; but what I will be taking with me, are the fond memories and experiences that the Belong family has freely given to me.

Interestingly, among the many things I’ve discovered about the Belong team (many people might not know), is their passion for all things cake. Belong love to watch TV shows about cakes, discuss the qualities of coffee walnut cake over sponge cake, bake cakes, google cakes, share cake baking tips and bring in homemade cakes to taste and debate.

How I see it, Belong’s joy of cake, is kind of similar to the Belong philosophy – mix together the very best people, create with care and attention and the proof in the pudding is an agency with great taste that everyone wants a piece of.

So long, adieu and hope to see you soon.