How to be well read, without actually reading

Glyn | 31 March 2017

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Have you read so-and-sos latest book on that really important thing that everyone says is really important? No? Oh you should, you really should.  It’ll totally transform everything. Read it tonight. Go on.  What do you mean you’re too busy?

I am continually amazed by people’s ability to read.  I mean, I CAN read, but I’m not one of those people who can devour a couple of ‘must read’ texts before breakfast and then be seamlessly weaving the key themes into conversations by lunch. I read at the speed that I speak.

And if I try and skim read I’m so easily distracted that I just… start seeing... words on a page, words on a page, words on a page, (what’s for lunch?), words on a page.

If you’re the same – join me in the cheaters club.  The, ‘do your homework on the bus club’.  The Blinkist club.

Blinkist is a brilliant app that gives you the potted version of the thousands of books YOU SHOULD BE READING (yes, you).  These mini-reads come in a series of quick ‘blinks’ – all with the authors’ permission.  The blinks are the essence of the book.  The big ideas condensed into bite-sized chunks.  This blinks come as a quick-read text on your phone or computer, or as a 15 minute-ish Podcasts, so you can swot up on the latest thinking and fads while commuting, working-out or doing your needlecraft.

This morning on the way to work I “read”, Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman and started working through the curated list from Zappos employee library.  *Smug face*, You?