And breathe...

admin | 27 October 2013

With Belong’s first birthday fast approaching, we're just back from a two day escapade in Cornwall -  a chance to reflect on a rollicking first year in business and devise plans to make next year even better.

Why Cornwall?  Suffice to say something magical happens when you cross the Tamar river....










Nana Beryl hosted our stay and had this beauteous surprise waiting for our arrival.










We welcomed two AMAZING international guests during our retreat, who joined us via the magic of Skype.  First up was Tash Jefferies from Toronto.








Tash is a writer, broadcaster and public speaker who focuses on health, wellness and stress management.  We love Tash for her incredible energy and spirit, and she led us in a discussion about how the Belong team can hang on to our sense of purpose in the ways we work.  Tash is a human dynamo, and as she said after our Skype connection repeatedly failed, “I’ve got too much energy for the computer to contain!!”

Next up was communications maestro Sara Moorehead, live from Seattle.  Our conversation focused on how we can help organisations develop their ‘listening strategies’, and how creative content can spark productive conversations that help business leaders get closer to their customer-facing colleagues.  Sara's friendship and wisdom has been a great source of strength over the past year and we thank her for being in our lives!

Our trip ended with a walk to the Rame Head peninsular and a photo that seems to suggest I’ve been pushed off the cliff by my colleagues…










It was a special two days and we’re looking forward to sharing the bazillion ideas we’ve generated with with our clients and colleagues.

Huge thanks to the Prisk family for lending us their beautiful home for our stay.  And BIG thanks to Ben for holding the Belong fort - you're a superstar.

And as they say in Cornwall, Ehaz ha sowenath whath tho why ha tho goz henath!